Home-Delivered Meals

Older persons who are physically unable to attend their local senior center can receive the meals in their own home. For many homebound seniors, the home-delivered meal program is vital to their continued independence.

Using the Senior Centers as a base of operations, we are able to deliver meals to frail older persons living in over 100 communities in central Missouri. Each meal meets one-third of the daily nutrition requirements of the recipient. All meals are packed in re-heatable, disposable containers. Based on the recipientís frailty, available support system, and distance from the nearest senior center, service may include hot meals or frozen meals. Meals might be delivered by volunteers, paid staff, or picked up at the Senior Center by caring friends or family.

To start home-delivered service, contact the local senior center nearest the intended recipient. A representative from the Senior Center will visit the potential recipient to determine eligibility and explain the program in greater detail.