Information and Assistance Services

At one time, seniors and their families considered nursing homes to be their only choice when loved ones could no longer live in their own homes without outside assistance.  Now, families can choose from a range of options – but these options are only helpful if you know about them.


The main goal of Information and Assistance Services is to let people know about the many resources available to older persons and their caregivers.  If our agency doesn’t offer the service you need, we’ll put you in touch with the agency or person that does.


Whether you are a senior living alone or the caregiver of an older person, we encourage you to contact us.


Through our centralized database, you’ll have access to comprehensive information about services throughout Missouri.  We can even tap into a national database if your relative lives in another state.


And, our Information and Assistance Services can provide you with much more than just a phone number and address.  We’ll provide you information about eligibility requirements, tips on selecting a quality provider, and printed materials to help you make well-informed, sound decisions.


CMAAA’s Information and Care Specialist may be reached via phone, mail, or the Internet.