Family Caregiver Initiatives

Family caregivers are often the sole lifeline for an older person in the community.  The support of a family caregiver often means that older persons can reside in their homes instead of entering a nursing facility. But, who supports the family caregiver?


The Central Missouri Area Agency on Aging does.


Care giving is a hard job that requires a tremendous amount of emotional, physical and mental commitment.  No matter how dedicated a family caregiver is, caring for an older loved one can be exhausting.


If youíre feeling overwhelmed with your care giving duties or even at the prospect of care giving, you are not alone, and help is available to you.  Your life as a caregiver can be made easier through a variety of programs and services.


National research shows that family caregivers need a lot of assistance, including:

  • Information and guidance

  • Training in the proper way to provide care or administer medications

  • Emotional support

  • Periodic relief from their responsibilities

  • Assistance with needs that are unique to their own familyís situation


Our program addresses these needs.


One call to our Information and Care Specialist can provide you with the information you need, and your life as a caregiver can immediately begin to be less stressful.


Youíll learn which services are available in your area and how you might benefit from them.  Our Care Coordinator can meet with you personally to assess your situation and help you get the services you need, including financial assistance for the unique needs of your family.


We can authorize respite care services that will provide you with temporary relief from your care responsibilities, and we can direct you to support groups and care giving training in your area.


Remember, if you donít care for yourself, you canít take care of your loved one.