Care Coordination

Some families are facing complex situations that require more attention and guidance than a phone call or Internet contact can provide. In our mobile society, family members often live great distances from one another. Children often do not know what services are available in the town where their mom or dad lives. Care Coordination services can be an invaluable resource in maintaining the independence of their loved one.

The Care Coordinator will visit the older person in his or her home to make an assessment of the person's needs. The Care Coordinator draws up a plan of action which specifies needed services and how to obtain them. The Care Coordinator can detail the cost of each service and determine whether the person might be eligible for any public financial assistance in paying for those services.

The types of services that might be included in a typical service plan include:

  • Home-delivered meals

  • Respite care

  • Personal care

  • Transportation

  • Legal services

  • Homemaker assistance

  • Applying for public benefits

  • Making referrals to other agencies

If requested, the Care Coordinator helps the person or their family arrange for needed services. Care Coordinators do not recommend specific service providers or agencies. It is our philosophy that the client has the right to decide which services they want and from whom.

Finally, Care Coordinators make regular visits to their clients to make sure that the plan of action is working and is satisfactory to the client.

Care Coordinators are assigned to various counties throughout our area. They may be contacted by calling or emailing the CMAAA office. Include the town in which the older person resides in your request.