Mission Statement: The Central Missouri Area Agency on Aging recognizes the individual capabilities and needs of each older person.  Therefore, CMAAA's mission is to assist communities in establishing a full range of services, which allow older persons to live in the most independent manner possible.

At one time, older persons (and their families) had no alternative but nursing home care when age-related problems robbed them of their independence. Today, however, a nationwide network of Area Agencies on Aging are assisting seniors, their families and their communities through programs tailored to help older adults live as independently as possible.

The Central Missouri Area Agency on Aging (CMAAA) is a private, non-profit corporation serving 19 counties in Mid-Missouri.  Our main office is in Columbia, with field offices in Lebanon and California.  The agency was organized in 1973 as part of a national network of more than 600 Area Agencies on Aging.  This network of agencies was formed in response to federal legislation titled the Older Americans Act.

Our board of directors consists of one delegate from each of the 19 counties served by CMAAA.  Board members are elected by adults 60 years of age and older who live in the service area.  Most board members are over the age of 60.  In addition to the board, an advisory council composed of older representatives from each county offers input to the agency.

CMAAA plans, develops and coordinates a network of services for family caregivers and older persons.  The essential goal of our services is to enable older persons to live in their own homes for as long as possible.

The agency utilizes federal, state and local tax dollars as well as private donations to implement its programs. Clients voluntarily contribute toward the cost of the services received. In addition, many communities conduct private fundraising efforts to supplement the funds provided by CMAAA thereby expanding services to even more local residents. Volunteers contribute freely of their time and talents allowing us to provide cost effective and compassionate services.


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